Itinerary of visit to the public works of Maria Leal da Costa in the region

In addition to the routes taken at Quinta do Barrieiro, Maria Leal da Costa has several public works between Marvão, Castelo de Vide and Portalegre. You can start by visiting the “Tactile sculpture of the Roman city of Ammaia”, at the entrance to the museum, designed to present a perspective of what the city was like for the blind. Then go to Portagem to meet at the roundabout in the urban center the “Castanheiro”. If you go up to Marvão, before entering the walls you will see “A Inspiration”, a human figure who will welcome you to the village. Already near the entrance to the walls, you can see the “Tactile sculpture Vila de Marvão” is also there to show the blind all of its architecture. Inside the village you can discover the “Flor” right in front of the Church of Santiago. Inside the Municipal Museum of Marvão, you can see “Asas” suspended from the ceiling.

After Marvão, discover the works in Castelo de Vide. At the entrance to the Vila, you can see the “Muse” in Jardim 25 de Abril which, like Marvão's, welcomes you to a Vila full of history. With some proximity you can also find the sculpture commemorating the 450th anniversary of the death of Garcia d'Orta called “Colóquios dos Simples ...”.

Next destination is Portalegre, in the City Hall it is possible to see the sculpture “Jogo de Memórias”, here you will have to ask at the reception to see the sculpture of Maria Leal da Costa, since it is inside. In the Courtyard of the Higher School of Education of Portalegre the Commemorative Sculpture of the 20th anniversary of A.P.P.M. - “Mathematical Cube”, relate the inside with the outside of the cube and its relationship with light. In two steps, go to Praça do Comércio to observe the "Memorial to the Poet José Régio", a sculpture commemorating the 50th anniversary of his death, a sculpture made in partnership with the Spanish sculptor Jose Luis Hinchado. Outside the city center, already in the industrial area, visit the “Cavalo Lusitano”, a white marble sculpture by car, at the Campo da Feira roundabout, very close to the Portalegre football stadium. “Dr. Carlos Vacas de Carvalho” and in the central building of the Association the bust of homage to “Francisco Moura”, the first President of the Association.

Leaving the golden triangle Portalegre-Marvão-Castelo de Vide, you can find other works by Maria Leal da Costa in a radius of 50km, such as the “Bust of the benefactor Francisco Caldeira Amieiro” that is exhibited at Lar da Aldeia da Mata. In Alter do Chão, Maria took 1st place in the Public Competition for the design and execution of a monument alluding to the horse “Alter Real”, and she will be able to see it at the roundabout in the urban center. At Nisa Maria Leal da Costa High School he made the “Monument to Prof. Mendes dos Remédios ”.