Serra de São Mamede Natural Park

Quinta do Barrieiro is in the heart of the Serra de São Mamede Natural Park. The Serra that gives its name to the park is the most significant mountain formation south of the Tagus. Here, there are several microclimatic aspects provided by considerable geographical differences. These aspects allowed the fixation of several animal and plant species, of which they are very important for the conference of the designation of Natural Park for their protection. It is marked by the crossing of quartzite ridges that can be seen mostly near the border with Spain and also in Castelo de Vide. It is possible to detect several outcrops of rock, granite, shale and limestone. Here you can observe bird species, such as Bonelli's Eagle, Griffin or Black Stork. In addition to nature, agricultural fields are also predominant as it is the most important economic activity in the region. The Park covers the four municipalities of Marvão, Castelo de Vide, Portalegre and Arronches, occupies an area of ​​about 56000ha and marks the transition between the typical Alentejo plain and the mountains.

Here you will definitely feel involved in Nature. There are plenty of areas and places to stroll, green valleys full of water. You will be able to know the several waterfalls formed by the abundant water courses original to the Serra, the viewpoints with fantastic landscapes and to observe plant and animal species. We highlight the cascade of São Julião, marked by a waterfall of about 10m high through a valley of lots of vegetation and which forms several pools where it is possible to cool off. To get there you must follow a trail of about 15 minutes through which you will pass through an old shale quarry. There, with some probability, you will already be able to hear the sound of the water hitting the rocks and just follow the narrow trail that will take you down to the base downstream of the waterfall where the waters of the Xévora river flow.

Even more impressive is the Pego do Inferno Waterfall, which is close to the Mosteiros village and marks the limit of the Natural Park. When you see a granite stone sign referring to “Serra de São Mamede Natural Park” you will know that it is precisely there that you should leave your car. Then just walk down the trail towards the water and you will find the waterfall. You can also visit the Cascata da Cabroeira, very close to the village of Rabaça and Spain, which you will find after a walk of about 30 minutes. Although smaller, it is also interesting to know the Cascade of Ribeira de Arronches, relatively close to the Pico da Serra de São Mamede. The Pico da Serra de São Mamede, “esse” will promise you a viewpoint for a fabulous landscape from 360º to 1025m altitude.

The Apartadura dam is the mirror of water that supplies the city of Portalegre and is about 5 km from Quinta do Barrieiro, you can stroll along the banks, go canoeing and enjoy its green surrounding mountains.