Itineraries & Walking Tours

2 Days Itinerary

1st day: Take the morning of the first day to visit the Quinta in the light of its rising sun, walk the sculpture paths both in the lakes and the slope that takes you to the rock at the highest point of the property. Drive to Ammaia, an ancient Roman city, visit the museum and the ruins. Have lunch at one of the Portagem restaurants that we suggest in the restaurants section. To digest, take a walking tour to see the 16th century bridge over the Sever river, the medieval tower and the river pool. Then go up to Marvão (if you want to go on foot, take the medieval sidewalk), visit the village, the municipal museum, the garden and its imposing castle and fortress. Dine early to watch the sunset at the keep or dine later, but don't miss it. Return to Quinta do Barrieiro.

2nd day: In the morning go to Castelo de Vide through Alameda dos Freixos (N246-1). Visit the village and its streets, the Igreja Matriz de N.ª Sr.ª da Devesa. Stop for a coffee and a cake at Pastelaria Sol Nascente or Doces & Companhia, visit the Castle and its Fortress, go down through the Jewish quarter and visit the synagogue and the fountain in the village. Have lunch at one of the excellent restaurants available in Castelo de Vide. After lunch, visit the Ermida da Senhora da Penha (on foot if you have at least 4 hours available) and return by the M523 road. On the way back, stop at the Fonte dos Carvoeiros viewpoint to observe the landscape of the Alentejo plain or possibly the excellent sunset of this place.

3 Days Itinerary

3rd day: A day more dedicated to Nature. Start by visiting the dam of the apartadura, walk a little on the left side of the wall next to a green metallic container, under the pines and next to the bank, go around the opposite side until you return to the same place from where you left. Then go to the waterfall of São Julião, stop the car at the place closest to the following coordinates (Latitude: 39 ° 18'57.5 ″ N Longitude: 7 ° 19'54.3 ″ W), go down one of the tracks on the right and follow the sound of the water, go through an old shale quarry and continue down from there on a narrower trail until you reach the water. Then go to Alegrete for lunch and discover this medieval village, its castle and fortress. Then, if you still have time, visit the Pego do Inferno waterfalls. Stop the car at the coordinate point (Latitude: 39 ° 11'51.5 "N, Longitude 7 ° 17'06.5" W) and go down the right track until you reach the water, it's about 5 minutes. Do not forget to take your bathing suit, as it will be natural that you feel like taking a bath in these waters originated by the mountains. Return to Quinta do Barrieiro.

4 Days Itinerary

4th day: In the morning go to Portalegre by the road that passes through Ribeira de Nisa and Monte Paleiros. Start by visiting the Guy Fino Tapestry Museum, then visit the castle and fortress as well as the Cathedral (Portalegre cathedral). If you still have time before lunch, visit the Robinson museum or the Casa-Museu José Régio. Have lunch at one of Quinta do Barrieiro's suggestions. After lunch, get in the car and go to the peak of Serra de São Mamede by the mountain road that goes through the Cold Hall. In this place you will be at the highest point south of the Tagus and you will be able to enjoy a magnificent viewpoint. Back in the car go down to the first intersection, turn left and continue along the road until you see an intersection that indicates Ribeira de Arronches, turn there and enjoy the mountains and a view of the Lourenço Valley, very green and with a different microclimate from the rest of the mountain . At the end, at the intersection turn left and follow the signs for Soverete and Besteiros until you find an intersection again where you should follow the signs for Rabaça and Spain. This road should take you to the surroundings of the waterfall of Cabroeira, from there you should go on foot and follow the trail until you find water. Back to Quinta go through the São Julião valley.


Walking Tours

Castelo de Vide-Marvão route - PR3 CVD-MRV - 9,6km

Route Toll-Marvão - PR1 MRV - 11,5km

Pedestrian Path of Galegos Careers - PR2 MRV - 12km

Coffee Smuggling Course - PR4 MRV - 5,9km

Vale Lourenço Route - PR8 PTG - 18.8km

Alegrete Walking Trail - PR3 PTG - 10,7km

To find out more about these routes ask the brochures at the reception or visit the page https://www.ccdr-a.gov.pt/alentejoape/.