Gastronomy and Local Products

The gastronomy is rich and unique, as a result of the strong influence of the various cultures brought to the region, a mixture of flavors and aromas that constitutes an enormous added value. Delight yourself with the soups, from the açorda to the gazpacho to the Alentejo, with the meats, from lamb, pork, venison, wild boar, accompanied by migas, feijoada or even field mushrooms caught in the Serra de São Mamede, also an excellent place for observing and picking mushrooms.

Products such as olive oil, wine and nuts are produced in the region of high quality. Others you can find are the Chestnut of Marvão (DOP), Chestnut flour, Barona beer, Oliveban soaps, Embroidery with Chestnut Bark, Portalegre egg sweets, Santa Clara liqueurs, Serra de São Mamede (a region that is increasingly desirable for wine production due to its very characteristic and excellent “terroir”).