Quinta Do Barrieiro


Question 1 (Pets):

Is it allowed to take pets?

A: Pets are allowed inside the apartments as long as previously informed at the time of booking and for an additional fee. Outside they must be kept on a leash. There are areas in the Quinta where you can release the animals. In the pool and in the exhibition hall / gallery are not allowed.

Question 2 (Kitchens of accommodation units):

Do all accommodation units have a kitchen?

A: All accommodation units have a small kitchen equipped with a fridge with freezer, microwave, coffee machine, kettle, toaster, juicer, dishwasher and crockery. Some units also have an oven and electric stove such as Casa do Sequeiro and Casa do Atelier (only the stove).

Question 3 (Pool):

Is the pool common to all units?

A: Yes. It is located in one of the highest areas of the property accessible to all units of the Quinta.

Question 5 (Entrance to accommodation units):

Are the entrances to the accommodation units independent?

A: ll accommodation units have entrances and an independent and exclusive outdoor space for guests.

Question 4 (Extra beds):

Is it possible to place extra beds in all units?

A: Yes It is possible to place extra beds in some units. Always confirm beforehand by informing the number of extra beds you want to place and in which units.

Question 5 (Localization of the Quinta):

Where is Quinta do Barrieiro located?

A: The Quinta is located on a hillside in the Serra de São Mamede about 12 minutes from the city of Portalegre and 15 minutes from Marvão or Castelo de Vide. The nearest village, Alvarrões, is a 5-minute drive. There are restaurant, cafes and a mini market there.

Question 6 (Check-in and check-out):

What time is the check-in & check-out?

R: Check-in can be done anytime 24h, depending on the time of year, it can be done by phone after 22.00 and from 15.30. Check-out is until 11.30 am.

Question 7 (Coffee Machine):

Do all units have a coffee machine? What brand?

A: Yes, they all have a delta coffee machine in tablets. Tablets are available and if you wish you can purchase more at the reception.

Question 8 (Meals):

Does the Quinta have a restaurant?

A: The Quinta does not have a restaurant, however, depending on the time of year it is possible to order meal baskets with local products and / or to order meals from partner restaurants with direct delivery to the accommodation unit.

Question 9 (Advance Payments):

Is advance payment required at the time of booking?

A: Yes, you must pay the amount of 30% as a deposit and guarantee of reservation. Payment will be made by credit card if you book directly on the Quinta do Barrieiro website or by bank transfer if made by email or phone. The rest of the payment will be made at check-in or check-out in cash, MB card, bank transfer or bank check.

Question 10 (Cancelation Refund):

If I cancel my reservation, am I entitled to a refund?

A: Yes, the amount is fully refundable in case of cancellation 15 days or more in advance with notice by email. There may be exceptional situations depending on the time of year or related to COVID-19, where you should contact our staff.